How To Help a Friend

Remember, it is difficult to help a friend who is living in a home where there is domestic violence. If you know a friend who is, you should talk to an adult: your parents, a teacher, a counselor or someone you trust. If your friend is being physically hurt or threatened, do not put yourself in the middle because you may get hurt. Call 911 for help immediately!

Things you can do to help:

  • Get informed. It is important for you to know about what you can do before helping a friend. The more you know about her/his options, the more helpful you will be to her/him. Check out the “There is Help for You” page.
  • Let them know you are there to listen if they need to talk.
  • Let them know you believe them.
  • Tell them that the abuse is not their fault.
  • Let them know that they are not alone and that other kids live in similar homes.
  • Let them know that there are adults who can help them. Give them the names of services in your town or city.
  • Get help for yourself, too. It is important for you to talk with someone about your feelings about what is happening.


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