How to Talk to a Friend

It is often difficult to talk to a friend who is in an abusive relationship. Remember that all situations are different and that you are trying to help your friend. So don’t judge her/him or her/his choices.

Before you offer your assistance, examine your limitations and responsibilities. Helping a friend in an abusive situation can be difficult. You need to educate yourself on what may be expected of you. Contact a local service provider for more information.

Here are some suggestions on what to say to a friend.

  • I am afraid for your safety and the safety of your children.
  • You are not alone.f
  • I am here for you, if you need anything or when you are ready or able to leave.
  • It’s okay to talk about it.
  • There is help for you and your children.
  • You deserve better than this.
  • I will help you make a safety plan.

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